For Organisations

T-Log offers a host of benefits to hospitals and medical schools

Incentivise Teaching

T-Log makes your trainees want to teach by providing evidence for their e-portfolio and job interviews.

Encourage Reflective Practice

We offer teachers a convenient platform for reflection on each of their sessions.

Facilitate Feedback

T-Log takes the hassle out of collecting and collating feedback, so teachers can focus on responding to learners’ needs.

Stimulate Research

Access your organisation’s teaching dataset and use it as a basis for educational research or quality improvement.

Monitor Service Delivery

See see what, where and when medical education happens. Use this information to shape training programs and evidence business cases.

Safeguard Users' Privacy

We store users’ data securely, and remove all personal details before sharing it with their host organisations.

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We can tailor a bespoke, competitively-priced package which meets the needs of your organisation.
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“I have been using T-Log for a year now. It is really useful to have all your teaching electronically stored in one place to download for your appraisal each year. The facility to collect feedback on your teaching enhances T-Log even more.” Dr Rebecca Aspinall

Director of Medical Education, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

“Data generated from T-log is invaluable in helping to demonstrate the teaching activity at my institution – who’s logging teaching sessions, who’s being taught and how long sessions last.

This is extremely powerful – our principal data collection so far has enabled us to show my university, medical school, students and hospital trust how undergraduates are being taught in a range of settings.

Electronic logging of teaching over a specified period can enhance job timetabling and planning. In a climate of increasing accountability for teaching and training costs, T-log can provide objective data as evidence when needed.” Dr Jane Sansom

South Bristol Academy Dean, University of Bristol Medical School


JASME Foundation Innovation Prize 2015

“T-Log offers clear advantages for both students and teachers…a very impressive and original project.”

ICOSET International Award for Innovation in Education 2014

“We were very impressed with the T-Log’s usability and innovative concept. The potential for T-Log to inspire a future generation’s interest in teaching and training was also singled out.”

BMJ Education Team of the Year 2014 (Finalist)

As featured in the British Medical Journal and BMJ Quality Improvement Reports.